On 27 Jun.2003, Eminent Teacher Pham Thuy Hoan and artist Hai Phuong joined the program "Ngay Chu Nhat Cua Em - Children's Sunday" on HTV-Ho Chi Minh Television. They also came to Tieng Hat Que Huong's class and recorded activities in order to illustrate for the program. This program will be published at 8:00 AM Sunday 06 July.2003. Hereafter is the extract from the interview:

* Reporter: Good morning Prof. Thuy Hoan, could you please tell us why have Tieng Hat Que Huong Troupe developed successfully as today?

* Prof. P.T.Hoan: It comes from attempt of all members and help of supporters and especially support of Dr. Tran Van Khe. There is a result that at December of each year from the last 03 years, our troupe gives out scholarships for outstanding students and  gifts for excellent members

* Reporter: Base on your experiences, is it difficult to maintain and develop traditional music?

* Prof. P.T.Hoan: Yes, it's difficult, but not that it's difficult and we're afraid, because if we don't preserve our own music, we have nothing to be proud as exchanging with other nations.

* Reporter: Do you hold responsible the youth for ignoring our traditional music?

* Prof. P.T.Hoan: No, I don't. because traditional music shows or presentation about the beauty, the originality of traditional music are not organized regularly, so it's not easy to study traditional music. However, I think in order to preserve effectively our music, aiming of the youth and organizers are necessary.

* Reporter: Artist Hai Phuong, Please tell us some memories of your as performing abroad?

* Artist Hai Phuong: I usually perform on the stages, it means that I rarely contact with the children. However, in Aug.2001, on a show in Denmark, it's organized in a school. Can you imagine, after the show, the kids ran up to stage, scrambled for instruments, especially the percussion such as foot clapper, coin clapper, wooden bell in shape of fish, frog,... and denied to give them back to us. Finally, we gave up and left those percussion as the presents for them. Luckily, we also took with us some for spare, unless we have nothing for the next show in Germany, it's funny, isn't it?

News by Phuong Thuy

Translated by Minh Doan