Hoang Duc Tam

Name: Hoang Duc Tam

* Date of Birth : 19 June, 1974

* Education: graduated from HCMC University of Law

* Being a member of Tieng Hat Que Huong Troupe from 1993

* Achievement:

- 3rd prize: Recitation Contest 1995 organized by HCMC Broadcasting Co.

- 3rd prize for Quan Ho solo and 1st prize for Quan Ho duo (together with Ly Thu Hien) in HCMC Singing-Dancing-Music Festival 1996

- Silver Medal: 1996 Music National Festival of Student

- Bronze Medal: 1998 HCMC Lullaby Contest

* Now, he is a collaborator in recitation programs of HCMC Broadcasting Co. and HCMC Television, Vietnam Television.

* Strong points:

- Recite poem in North mode, Hue mode

- Singing traditional folk music in all mode of Vietnam

* Activities:

- performance in many music shows in HCMC

- Directing a lot of music, dance programs for populace movements which win high prizes

- Together with Vietnamese Student Delegation have a abroad show in Vientiane (Laos) in 2000

- Together with Tieng Hat Que Huong Troupe have a lot of shows in many places and Television in Vietnam.


Written by Phuong Thuy

Translated by Minh Doan