Hoa Que Huong 12


At 9:00 am March 30, 2003, at the HCMC Labor Cutural Palace, Tieng Hat Que Huong Troupe together with Nguyen Phuong Danh Tai Tu Cai Luong Club-Hong Bang University (Tai Tu Cai Luong: one kind of traditional music popularizing in the Southern of Vietnam) organized a plentiful and special performance program.

The wonderful melody of thirty zithers playing together, the charming sounds created from Artist Hai Phuong's dan bau (pict. on the left) with a popular song "Long Me," the spectacular dance of Hoa Bach Hop Dancing Group really attracted the audiences. And the atmosphere became more exciting when the audiences were instructed to sing the song "Ly Con Sao Go Cong" by singer Ly Thu Hien.

Next was the performance of Nguyen Phuong Danh Tai Tu Cai Luong Club. With their sweet voices, the eminent artist Cong Thanh and artist Bach Hue (pict. on the right) have won the love of spectators in spite of their age (they're seventies). The extracts of Kieu Nguyet Nga and Det Gam were also received big hands from the audiences.

The performance ended with the song Co La singing by everybody as usual. Especially, this show was recorded by VTV3 (Vietnam Television) and BTV (Binh Duong Television) and recorded for Tieng Hat Que Huong filling by Dr. Nguyen Van Tien.

Picts. of "Hoa Que Huong 12" Performance on March 30 2003 CLICK HERE


All news are written by Phuong Thuy

Translated by Minh Doan