Hoa Quê Hương 14



At 9:00 Aug.31, 2003,program "Hoa Que Huong 14"- the third quarterly program of Tieng Hat Que Huong Troupe took place happily and successfully. This program had special attendances of members of The Korean Zither Musicians' Association and Prof. Doan Patrick and his wife. Tieng Hat Que Huong Troupe was very happy to receive 04 wireless microphones as a gift of Prof. Doan Patrick who last year supported an amount of VND10,000,000 as scholarship to excellent students of Tieng Hat Que Huong. Besides, on the occasion of visit of The Korean Zither Musicians' Association, Tieng Hat Que Huong and HCMC Labors' Cultural Palace also gave keepsake to them. On this occasion, students who passed their course exam was also received certificates.

The ensemble of 30 Dan Tranh with the piece of "Xang Xe" gave a warmest welcome to all visitors and audiences. Next, singing ensemble in Quan Ho Mode "Khach Den Choi Nha" performed by beautiful ladies in Quan Ho costume and they also invited audiences to enjoy tea and betel. Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuyet, Prof. Doan Patrick's wife, made all the audiences surprised and emotional (someone was seen sobbing) as singing charmingly 6 sections of the piece "Vong Co" telling people about homesick of expatriates. Another special item to the audiences is the performance of Korean Kayagum and dance of professors from The Korean Zither Musicians' Association. The atmosphere was really warm as all audiences together sang "Trong Com" that accompanied by Dan Tranh and Korean Kayagum.

The audiences really enjoyed nice rhythm of Korean Kayagum and Royal Dance "Nightingale Dance".

This event was carried out by a great effort of Tieng Hat Que Huong Troupe in tightening the solitary between artists of Korea and Vietnam.

In the future, there will be some show of relation exchange with artists from Japan, China, Singapore, Mongol,...


News by Phuong Thuy

Translated by Minh Doan