Phan Minh Phung




bulletBorn: Oct. 29th 1975 in Dong Thap province

bulletBachelor of Laws, and also of Music

bulletA singer of the Bong Sen Singing, Dance and Music Theatre

bulletGold medal of 1996’s National Festival of Professional Singing Voices of Students

bulletGold medal of 1998’s National Festival of Singing Voices of Officials and Laborers

bulletThe fourth prize of the 1999 Hochiminh City Television Singing Contest

bulletThe fourth prize of the 2000 National Radio Contest of Good Singing Voices

bulletHaving sung solo or with the troupe in Tieng Hat Que Huong’s performances on
       stage and television since 1996

bulletPerforming with the Tieng Hat Que Huong Troupe at the Asian Music festival in
       Niigata, Japan. (1998)