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Hong Bang University

Purpose: Create and widen one art playground for students, actors, actresses and also for people who love Tai Tu-Cai Luong (Renovated opera).

Set-up Founded in August 2002, but officially presented to the public on January 19, 2003

Activity: The club has about 40 members who are eminent actors/actresses of famous theatres in HCMC and other provinces. In addition, they're also equipped with an orchestra for stage performance and research/study activities.


- Maintain the art of Tai Tu - Cai luong as its Vietnamese charming national character.

- Step by step research, develop and modernize Tai Tu-Cai Luong with the core to be pupils and   


- Discover and recruit to the club the talent students in public art activities and continue training in

  both theory and stage performances

Chief of Club: The Eminent Artist Cong Thanh

Translated by Minh Doan

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About Cai Luong

I. The origin of Cai Luong

bhd.gif (29365 bytes) Cai Luong appeared in the year tenth of the twentieth century. It was first officially performed abroad under the form of a modern opera in 1931 and then developed as a theater for amateurs. Cai Luong first appeared under the form of chamber music. Later on, one part of it was shifted into a kind of gesture performance (with different ways of speaking, declaiming, singing) and could be seen as a gestured form of singing. This new form was thus a renovated form of chamber music, and was called Cai Luong.

II. The Characteristics of Cai Luong

A. Music: Two kinds of music can be found in Cai Luong

  1. Folk-singing

  2. Folk-music

According to way of doing musical research, t-h-t.gif (29025 bytes)Two ways of performing

music and song can be found in Cai Luong, depending on different methods of research:

  1. Amateur method

  2. Renovated method

B. Interpretation: Performance is very important in the art of Cai Luong. It is a kind of modern presentation, different from the classical drama performance (which uses symbolized - conventional gestures).



The information in this column is based on Vietnam News website