Vu Chinh - Vu Chi'nh




bulletBirth : July12nd 1981  Hochiminh City.

bulletAddress : 58 Ben Cat Tan Binh District HCM City. 

bulletE-mail : 

bullet1986 : Starting to play the dan tranh at home at the age of 5 

bullet1988 : Learning to play the dan tranh at The Tieng Hat Que Huong Troupe.

bullet1991 : Winning the “Hoang Mai Luu” Prizes.

bullet1991 : Satisfying the examiners of the Hochiminh City Conservatoire. Study period: 9 years. 
          Vu Chinh : the dan tranh, Vu Chi'nh : the Vietnamese 36 chord zither 

bullet1998 : Vu Chinh winning Silver Medal in The National Dan Tranh Festival.

bullet1999 : Finishing high school years in the Le Qui Don High School, leaving for the School
          of Law.

bullet2001 : Excellently passing the long-term high school course of the Hochiminh City
          Conservatoire, continuing their university-level study at the Conservatoire (The Department of
          National Music) 2002 : Winning the Odon Vallet scholarships.

bullet2003 : Winning the “Nguyen Truong To” scholarships offered by the Department of
          National Music

bullet9 -2001 : Vu Chi'nh going on a performance tour in Japan organized by the Hochiminh City
          Communication Culture Service

bullet9 - 2001 : Vu Chinh with the 2 other members of the Tieng Hat Que Huong Troupe attending
          the Malaysian Festival

bullet12 - 2001 : Vu Chi'nh attending the Festival of Traditional Music in Singapore.  



The twins are now university students of the last year of the School of Law, and university students of the second year of the Conservatoire (The Department of National Music).

Although very busy, the twins, who are grown up from the Tieng Hat Que Huong Troupe, join the other members in showing new young learners fingering techniques at the classes of the Tieng Hat Que Huong Troupe every Sunday morning.