Giao luu Am Nhac


On May, 21, 2003, Tieng Hat Que Huong Troupe took part in the music show organized by VTV(Vietnam Television) named "Giao luu Am Nhac" - Exchange relationship among traditional music bands that was arranged at Binh Thanh Cultural Center. After performing pieces "Luu Thuy-Kim Tien-Xuan Phong-Long Ho" by zithers band and Dan bau solo "Chieu Dong Que-Sunset in the countryside", speaker of the show have interviewed musician Pham Thuy Hoan and artist Hai Phuong and hereafter is the extract:

-Speaker to Musician Thuy Hoan: Could you please tell us why your band have the name of Tieng Hat Que Huong?

-Musician Thuy Hoan: In 1982, that was the beginning of our band, and all members were still very very young, we together carried out a musical program named "Tieng Hat Que Huong" on HTV (Hochiminh Television) and luckily, this program won gold medal. In the memory of this great event, we named our band "Tieng Hat Que Huong".

-Speaker: Each band has it own characters, so to your band what characters is specific?

-Musician Thuy Hoan: All traditional music bands have the same purpose that is to preserve, popularize and develop our traditional music. However, as you mention, each one has their own characters. To our band - Tieng Hat Que Huong, we co-ordinate between learning in theory and practice (stage performance), between professional and amateur. These are presented clearly in our quarterly performance. In the beginning, our amateur students will carry out some items as chances to practice, and the remainder of program will be the performance of professional ones (who are studying or graduated from Conservatory)

-Speaker to Artist Hai Phuong: What difficulties will the traditional artists face? and how do you overcome?

-Artist Hai Phuong: To become professional in traditional music field, the first thing you have to face is hard train. Your own aptitude support you only 50% in the way to success and 50% will be your effort, and your aptitude will be not meaningful if you don't try your best. The second difficulty is family's economy as you will not earn a lot money by your profession. However, I overcome these obstacles by my love of our traditional music.

News by Phuong Thuy

Translated by Minh Doan