Nguyen Hai Yen



bulletWon the First Prizes for Tam Thap Luc Instrument 1981-1982

bulletGraduated from HCMC Conservatory 1989 - major in Percussion

bulletHaving shows in many countries such as Japan, Thai Land, Belgium, France...

bulletWon Gold Medal for K'long Put in Musical Festival in Okinawa Japan 1999

bulletGraduated from HCCS in USA in Travel & Tourism 2002


HaiYen's Family Pictures

Hai Yen Nguyen was born in 1971 in Saigon Vietnam in a music family. Her mother, Vietnam's Honor Prof. Pham Thuy Hoan, is a prestige, famous professor at Ho Chi Minh Conservatory since 1963. She is currently President of Tieng Hat Que Huong Music Club in Ho Chi Minh City and the Club was awarded some Honor Prizes from the Government for its achievement. HaiYen' father, an ex-teacher before 1975,  Nguyen Hai Phuong, is a favorite poet of the city. He had published 3 poetry books. His poetry most of the time write about life, emotions, and musical instruments. Besides, he has a "green-thumbnail"; his small garden always full of flowers year round. Hai Yen's older sister, Nguyen Thi Hai Phuong, is a young, talented traditional musician of the country. She won the first prize of the National DanTranh Contest in 1992 and was awarded a special prize for her first CD recorded in 1993 in Paris - judged by prestige musician group of the world.

Hai Yen entered  Conservatory in Saigon in 1979- major in Dan Tranh and had studied for 6 straight years then she turned her major into World's Percursions. She graduated in 1989 with a red mark Diploma. She started her carrer as a professional musician since then. She has toured many countries such as South Korea, China, Hongkong, Macau, ThaiLand, Singapore, Japan, France, Germany, Belgium...On the stage, she is a splendid star but at home she is also a great chief. Besides, she loves computer and spends most of her time on computer's programs. Receiving an offer from her cousin in Houston, she applied for HCCS - major in Computer Science and came to Houston in July 1999. She got the Certificate of Recognition from the Dean in the very first semester at College and continued her achievement through years. With the suggestions from her friends, Hai Yen changed her major in Travel and Tourism. She seemed so happy with that change and many changes on her life came after that. She met a talented geologist, Chuck Acord, who work for Unocal Oil Company in Sugar Land and they got married in May 2002 in Saigon, Viet nam..

Hai Yen worked for Air France (IAH Airport in Houston) in Passenger Service Department for more than one year. She left AF to go back to Vietnam visiting her Dad in Oct. 2002. Her father passed  away just 10 days after she arrived.



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Listen to the Bamboo Instrument: Mua Hai Qua (HaiYen recorded in JVC Texture CD)



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