Hoa Bach Hop Dancing Group

The Unified Flowers Dancing Group

vines and flowers



Formed in March 1996

Directed by Mrs. Dieu Hoang

With the purpose of introducing interesting dancing measures and folk dances.

Performing with Tieng Hat Que Huong in periodic performance programs such as Celebrating the 82nd birthday of Prof. Dr. Tran Van Khe, Cultural Exchange with Chinese Students, Festival of Performing Arts Groups and Clubs in the Labor and Cultural Palace, etc….

Pict.: Prof. Thuy Hoan and bien dao mua Dieu Hoang

Having achievements:

  • The second prize in 1996’s District 3-held Giai Dieu Que Huong Festival, a singing-dance-music festival.

  • The third prize in 2000’s Hochiminh City Traditional Dance Festival held by the Hochiminh City Cutural Centre.

  • The first prize in 1999’s District 4-held Traditional Dance Festival

  • The first and second prizes in District 5-held festivals of Popular Letters and Arts in 1996, 1997 and 1998.

  • High prizes in Spring’s Greeting Dances festivals held by the Labor Cultural Palace in 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003It has been 7 years since the first debut of Hoa Bach Hop Dancing Group with Tieng Hat Que Huong Troupe in March 1996. The time is also the age of the group, neither long nor short if considered as the affirmation of Hoa Bach Hop’s existence and development.

Speaking from memory, the first members of the group were school-girls of College of Pedagogy and Le Hong Phong School who were enthusiastic in the Letters and Arts Movements at the schools. Naturally, their careful steps and awkward dancing act to the high and low musical notes have become their love and passion for dance like artesian waters.

Time had passed by and these pretty girls had to say goodbye to beloved schools, moving to wide open universities. Each of them had their own choices for university or future vocation. It was thought that the past movements would have been only sweet memories.

On visiting the Labor Cultural Palace, a group member was, without expectation, charmed with the harmonious echoes of dan tranh from an  instrument- learning class. She traced them to know that they came from Tieng Hat Que Huong, for which Prof. Thuy Hoan and Hai Phuong, famous artists of her admiration, were responsible, and registered to learn to play dan tranh and sweet folk music. Later on, she found that there needed to be something additional in the Tieng Hat Que Huong’s performances.

Having hurried to contact the friends of the previous dancing group by every way and glad to see that every member was elate to rejoin, she hesitantly asked Prof. Thuy Hoan for their debut in Tieng Hat Que Huong’s show with the dance Nhung Co Gai Quan Ho, the Girls of Love Duets. They were very excited, which could not expressed just by one word. That was the time Hoa Bach Hop came to existence.

Hoa Bach Hop is the name to symbolize the flowers that came from many different universities, gathered and unified in a common sense: “The passion and love for traditional dances”.

Hoa Bach Hop is led and directed by Mrs. Dieu Hoang, who is a true traditional dance lover and used to be a student of the National People's Honor Dancer Thai Ly. She both directs dancing measures and designs the costumes, makes up the dancers. She takes on responsibilities that are sometimes unnamed. However, it would be a big defect if it were not mentioned that Hoa Bach Hop’s now existence has enjoyed the great care and support from Prof. Thuy Hoan, Hai Phuong and also other members of Tieng Hat Que Huong. They are interested in the group, not only enthusiastically appreciating new dances but also giving appropriate ideas of what should be additional to them. Prof. Thuy Hoan and Hai Phuong search or compose fascinating pieces of much traditionally musical characteristics for the group’s dances.  Prof. Thuy Hoan always sends Hoa Bach Hop supportive money from the sponsors and the Labor Cultural Palace for the costumes of coming items.

 Hoa Bach Hop’s members behave as kindly to each other as those of a big family. Although much busy doing different things as teacher, architect, tourist guide… etc, they all try to manage the time to be together for practices, rehearsals and to show difficult measures. The old members who do not participate with the group any more keep in touch with it and are always its good fans in the festivals and competitions.  The group also warmly receives new faces, students loving folk dances.

Presently, Hoa Bach Hop has 9 members altogether. They are 9 different flowers having their own scent and color but blossoming from the same passion for folk dances.




This news are written by Thuy  Van   

Translated   by  Tan Tai