On May 14, 2003, in the program "Hoi Ngo Tri Am - Meeting intimate friend", editor Huynh Khai introduced and interviewed Musician Pham Thuy Hoan. Hereafter is the extract:

Editor: Could you please tell us purposes of Tieng Hat Que Huong Troupe?

Muscician P.T.Hoan: we aim to popularize and develop traditional music, dance and folk song by performing in stage and training young talents. Besides, we also co-operate with Televisions and schools to carry out music programs in order to present traditional music to public as much as possible.

Editor: Do you have any advices to the youth?

Muscician P.T.Hoan: May I change "advices" into "confidences"? I was so impressed one day on a TV program presenting a foreign student, Norton Barley, who was making his composition about "Chau van", playing dan nguyet instrument and singing excitingly. I also know a Japanese woman, Ms. Midori Thuy, who is teaching at University of Social Science and Humanity as a teacher. She loves Dan Bau (Vietnamese monochord) so much that she has learnt how to play from Artist Minh Thanh, prepared a composition to introduce it and after 08 years in Vietnam, before returning Japan, she published a CD in which she performed Dan Bau solo. Nowadays, we can see a lot of people both Vietnamese and foreigners study our traditional music, as it is a great treasure. We have many kinds of Traditional Music, such as :

- Singing: Ca Tru, Ca Hue, Cai Luong, Dan Ca,..

- Theater : Cheo, Hat Boi, Cai Luong, Bai Choi,..

-Music: Nhac thinh phong, Nha nhac, nhac Tai Tu,...

I wonder whether young people have spent any time discovering this treasury? If you understand it you will love it and when you take part in Cultural Exchange Relations you will feel proud of preserving our character. Doctor - Professor Tran Van Khe has said "A tradition is only able to remain if it is loved, studied, researched and preserved by young generation"


News by Phuong Thuy

Translated by Minh Doan