Nam Giao Music-Dance Group


* Founded in 1976, from 1980 - to 1997 temporarily ceased their activities and from 1997 to now re-start on their way

*Purpose: presenting and popularizing Vietnamese traditional music, dances, folk songs to the public; training the young talents who can keep on developing and popularizing Vietnamese music in Vietnamese community in Belgium

* Activity:            

        - Stage performance: on Tet holiday (Brussel TV recorded and introduced in their news program), vacation, charity events 

        - Training activities: teaching Vietnamese zither, silk painting, cooking and Vietnamese for children

         - Together with Tieng Hat Que Huong Troupe in a program in 1998

         -Giving lectures to unions in Belgium for presenting Vietnamese art and music

        - Offering 02 annual scholarships for Tieng Hat Que Huong Troupe's excellent students

        - Keep in touch with Tieng Hat Que Huong via e-mail

* Member:

The Head of the Troupe :  Mrs.Doan Vinh. (pict. above) 

Since 2001 : Duong Vi

Other Members : Ngoc An, Huong Giang ........