The tenth "The blossoms of the native land" performance

Hall A in Ho Chi Minh City Labor Cultural Palace held the tenth " The blossoms of the native land" performance and the ceremony of the third scholarship and prize presentation by "The songs of the native land" troupe at 9 a.m. (local time) Dec.15th, 2002. The stage was more splendid with the baskets of beautiful flowers sent as greetings from Pro. Tran Van Khe, from Director of Lelai industry handover company, the Nam giao traditional music dancing-singing group from Belgium, Vu Chinh's parents, Hong Dung- Khanh Van's parents, Ba Quan-Mai Thao's parents and "The songs of the native land" troupe.

Awarded Eminent Educator - Musician Pham Thuy Hoan, Chairwoman of the troupe, gave a brief report on the musical activities of the troupe during the year and expressed deep thanks to the sponsors for their generous contribution to the scholarships . Following this was a successful vivid musical performance by the troupe and the very interesting talk of Pro Tran Van Khe on Yin and Yang in the life of Vietnamese people.

Teaching the children Vietnamese folk song

    In June, 2002, the troupe in co-operation with the Cantho television station carried 16 successful singing programs named "We Learn To Sing," aiming at developing the passion of the school children in singing Vietnamese folk songs. They were broadcast repeatedly on the Cantho television and Vietnam Television Channel 2.
In order to enhance the fascination of these programs and the artistic quality of the songs, the troupe had co-operated with some high schools in Ho Chi Minh City to teach the pupils of Grades 7 and 8 to sing, and arranged the musical items. Particularly, Co La, Trong Com, and Ly Duon Dem were performed by District 3 Hai Ba Trung High School, Ly Cay Bong- Ly Bong Dau- Ly Con Chuot and Ngay Mua by Phu Nhuan District Ngo Si Lien High School; Ly Bong Sen- Ly Con Cum Num- Cay Truc xinh and Ly i a by Phu Nhuan District Ngo Tat To High School, Thu Ho- Tam Phap Nhap Mon- Dang Dan Cung- Ly Ray Ly Vuon- Ly Bong Dau by District 3 Phan Sao Nam High School. They were accompanied on the dan tranh-the Vietnamese 16-string zither, and the other traditionally musical instruments. The children and their parents have much loved these programs like this.